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KSYS is a user-friendly Web-based logistical system used to organize culture-related events for students in Norwegian school system. KSYS has been developed for Orgdot which has the final responsibility of delivering the service and providing end-user support.

The system includes functionality related to the administration, planning, communication and distribution of art and cultural experiences for schools in Norway. KSYS is tailored to the work processes used on both county and municipality levels and is today used by over 90% of schools in Norway.

KSYS contributes to a more efficient use of resources by letting the employees responsible for coordinating the cultural events at a local level view and administer the available events in their region of the country. Summaries and reports are generated at each level further reducing administrative work.

In Norway all students are guaranteed by the government to receive a certain number of cultural events via an initiative called Den kulturelle skolesekken. KSYS ensures that this guaranty is upheld in a transparent and efficient manner.

Since 2002
KSYS has been under continual development since 2002. Along the way Copyleft Software has had to learn a great deal about the internal bureaucracy and organization of the school system in Norway. The project has also grown in scope and now includes a number of front-end and back-end interfaces as well as APIs and integration with other systems. A combination of long-term planning and short-term flexibility has allowed the system to be continually upgraded while the data from 2002 is still preserved and readily available.

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Frontend view

KSYS screenshot