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dNesten is an internal Copyleft project developed to manage our own DNS systems, including zone files (which keep track of what records point to which IPs) and lists of domains. dNesten was developed as an internal project and will soon be released as free software which others can download, use and modify.

Tecnical details
dNesten provides a centralized Subversion based storage, with sanity and syntax checking of all incoming data and provides immediate updates out to a set of authoritative DNS servers. dNesten abstracts much of the complexity and brittleness of DNS that is no longer relevant today (such as thinking about SOA and NS records). In addition it provides an easy and straightforward way to mix, match and override DNS data from templates and it can import DNS data from external systems (such as a cPanel DNS servers).

The system was written in Python, using Git for the source code and Subversion as a storage engine for the actual deployments. The first deployments use FreeBSD jails, but Linux is also supported.